Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Laborious Labor Day

This year's Check-In event, or Opening Weekend, was not too bad. I didn't see too many train wrecks, and until the last day the time really flew. Yesterday dragged on and on for some reason.

I did manage to make a scarf and two hats this weekend - actually, all three have some finishing left, but I'm pretty impressed with myself, I have to say. I made a hat for myself that only half of the people I showed it to thought was dorky, so that's not bad. Hats are inherently dorky, but I have already frost-bit my ears once in my life, and that is enough for me. Friggin' HURTS.

Anyway, I made the hat out of the yarn on the left - The hat more or less looks like the hat on the manequin head there, except a little more knobby around the decreases on the top. Actual real picture to follow, when we purchase the digital camera we've decided to buy for our trip to Seattle. You know, so we can get action shots of the guys who throw the fish in Pike's Place.

I feel kind of awful talking about hats right now. There are so many things going on right now that I want to comment on, but that all deserves a little more time than I can give it (being at work and all). Knitting is very meditative for me and I have had a lot of time to think, but not so much get my thoughts down.


Rat said...

Ang - I bet you never thought I would ever check out your blog. Actually, I tried multiple times from home, but our computer sucks.

I am glad to hear that you are still knitting and am still hoping that you will teach me someday. I'm sorry to hear about your sucky weekend. Why the hell do they make returning students come in over the weekend? We just had to sacrifice our Labor Day.

I'm currently spending 4 hours sitting in the computer lab trying to pass the time before my first class. Long story short - can't afford to park the car downtown, and don't feel like taking the bus, so rode to school with classmate at 6:45am since she has a class at 7:30am. Yuk.

I'm going to eat my crappy low-fat muffin (in the computer lab where I shouldn't have food or drink). Hah!

Sigh. Well, I guess I'll go create my blog now.

Anonymous said...

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