Wednesday, September 07, 2005

First Ever Knitted Garment

Here's the first thing I ever made out of yarn that wasn't a long rectangle.

It's basically 2 rectangles and 2 trapezoids instead.

Who says geometry class wasn't useful?

The photo with the hand in it is to give you some perspective. Of course, you don't know how big the person's hand is, so this doesn't help you at all. It, in fact, does nothing but leave you with more questions.

I made it out of Red Sprinkle Lion Brand Wool-Ease, on size 7 and 8 needles, and using the world's easiest Debbie Bliss pattern.

I totally screwed it up when I first tried stitching it together - I didn't have any safety or straight pins, so I held the pieces together with souble pointed needles, which was marginally successful at best. The first sleeve was completely attached to the body before I realized that it was attached entirely to the FRONT of the garment.

Give me a break, it was almost 2am. And I finished the damn thing. And it looks fine now. The baby I made it for (Allen's niece Noa - yes, a girl named Noa, with no 'h', it's cute, shut up) sent me a nice thank you note, so I think she likes it.

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