Thursday, December 01, 2005

You've Seen Stuff On My Cat....... see stuff on my wishlist!

Just in case. 'Cause, you know. Christmas is coming.

And I really, really like used stuff. Because then I know it works.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like.......

I have to start shopping! Crap!

I have actually already started my Christmas shopping, but I still feel WOEFULLY behind. It turns out I can't knit 16 items a day, which I guess I didn't realize before, according to my yarn stash, anyway.

I guess I'll be baking a lot of cookies, and buying a lot of candy!

Speaking of candy....Tori's folks own Rockport Chocolates, a FABULOUS candy store, and I highly recommend any of their products, which are all reasonably priced and so good that I want to cry.

In fact, now I am crying. Sobbing into my keyboard. Because the chocolate covered ginger is so amazing, and I don't have any.

Life is hard.

Seriously, all the truffles are silky smooth, and the almond butter crunch is something that my whole family always fought over.

There are several different assortments, (nuts, cremes, jellies, etc) in both milk and dark chocolates. They will also put together baskets or specialty orders. SO, go buy some. If not for your family or loved ones, then for me. Because I am all out.