Friday, January 21, 2005

Freakin' Snow!

So, why is it that it has to snow this weekend, and not, say, on MONDAY when it will do us all some good?

What the hell.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Fantasy Jeopardy

So, my friend Tori emails me because she wants me to give her my top ten fantasy Jeopardy categories. This is a great question, and I knew it totally deserved some attention, but I was really slammed at work and I just couldn't answer her right away. I told her it would take me a while.

Then, of course, I completely forgot about it until late afternoon. Now the pressure was really on - since I had taken so long to do it, I had to think of something good. Of course, I was still really busy, so this is what I came up with:

Greek Myths, Planetary Astronomy, Masters of SF, Movie Quotes, 80s Music, Culinary Terms, Potent Potables, Anagrams, Medieval Europe, Music From Car Commercials.

Pretty lame, I mean, at least 4 of those are real categories. I would really like to play them all, but there is no originality there.

In contrast, this is what Tori sent me:

LA Punk rock: 1982-1988
Ridiculous sexual orientation aside, Morrisey sucks because...
Guess the weight of these various amounts of high end candies, many of which are by Goelitz
Characteristics of dark-roast coffees
Fucking away an afternoon at home
Fundraising terms slightly more complicated than your layperson would know
The Sopranos seasons 1-3 and 5
Offensive euphimisms for menstruastion
Existential depression

Hilarious! Slightly Offensive! Totally expressive of her personality! Gah!!!

Now I feel like I should do it again! What a lame-o.

Monday, January 17, 2005

The Hallmark Holiday is Just Around the Corner!

Rather than red roses, chocolate, and the usual crappy I-Love-You, Hallmark b.s., try something from

I'm bummed I didn't see this site in time to send out the Xmas or New Year's cards they feature, but I just might be in time for Valentine's Day.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Sometimes Women Just Swoon least, that is what one of many doctors told a woman who was blacking out for no reason - before she was finally diagnosed with a rare brain tumor.

It's not good for me to get this mad before noon on a Saturday.

Please check out

A really inspiring story - though the artist, Jenny Howland, isn't sure she qualifies as sucessful enough to be inspiring. I think her books and collage work are gorgeous - I'm probably better off buying some artwork for the wall, though.

I'm pretty sure I would look at a journal that beautiful and just think - "hmm, what the hell do I have to say that is interesting enough to put in here?" And then it would sit on my shelf.

Mocking me.

My Kids are Gonna Be so Twisted

If I ever decide to spawn, my kids are going to bring toys like this to school:

Hell, I'd like to bring them to school with me!

I'd really like to get my friend Tara one of the moldy ones, as she is the Mold Maven. She likes to collect it in coffee cups.

Friday, January 14, 2005

A Little Ditty

Ok. I needed some cheering up, so I listened to this.

Thank you, Tammy, for the link.

The first time I heard it, I spazzed and almost got coffee on my keyboard.

Which is really a daily occurence so it's not that special, I guess.

Anyway, listen to the song it's funny.

Ah, Crap.

One of the ladies I work with is in the hospital.

It's something to do with her heart, but they don't know what.

I haven't been back to the hospital since my last visit, which was extended to say the least. Not excited about going back, but I would like to see her and make sure she's ok.

Bleh. I got no work done today.

I Just Wanted to Eat Lunch

I should have known better. But it's raining and I forgot my umbrella. So I asked a co-worker, what are you doing for lunch? My boss heard and declared that she needed something because she didn't bring anything, but whatever she gets needs to be healthy because she's on a diet. Fine. Then she mentioned that another co-worker needed something, too, because she didn't bring anything. No problem!

But then the search for a menu resulted in the entire office getting together and fighting over where to go. I ended up having my boss change her salad order FOUR TIMES because we changed our minds - first it was Ronzio's, then Caserta's, then Ronzio's again, then Big Cheese. Of course, there is one person who refused to eat if we got Ronzio's, so we switched to Caserta's, but that was going to take too long, so we changed to Big Cheese, but the Caserta Lady was all bent out of shape. So we finally placed the order at 12:45, at which time I had to scramble around for change because everyone only had $20s.

It's now 1:11, and my lunch is over. It was fun. It didn't include food.


Meeting the guys of Dumbrella was really cool. Check out the Conspiracy at It's fun for your eyes to look at.

Jon and Philip from were almost exactly as I imagined them. We met at a cafe, so we couldn't have a beer with them, but they did show us the 750ml (pocket-sized) bottles of Jack that they had smuggled in. After all, Thursday is Pub Night, and they didn't want their livers going into shock! Jon drew a great picture of Fish (he lives in beer, don'tcha know) and Philip signed Matt's 25th Anniversery Brew mag, which was pretty great.

We also got to hang out with R. Stevens of, who is a really friendly guy who is very kind to his fans. He was nice enough to personalize my Red Robot model, which I have yet to put together but I SWEAR I will do it this weekend.

I was able to chat w/Jeph Jacques of - I of course requested more of Mieville, Dora's cat. He said that he had only drawn Mieville about 3 times, but he has gotten a huge response.

I heart cats.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

I'm Such a Weirdo

So, even though I have a JOB and need SLEEP to accomplish it, I am going to drive all the way to North Hampton, MA this evening! Actually my friend Matt is driving, which is good because it's about 2 hours away!

We're going to the Haymarket Street Cafe' to meet with some of my favorite webcomic artists, John Allison of Scary Go Round, R. Stevens of Diesel Sweeties, Jon Rosenberg of Goats, and Jeff Rowland, formerly of Wigu and now of Overcompensating! Please see sidebar for appropriate links.

I'm not really sure what the hell I am going to say to these guys. I have bought some of their merch, but always as gifts, so I can't even be all "look, I spend money on your stuff! I help support your art!" It's more like "hur, I'm glad yer art is on the interweb so's it's free!"

Whatever. At least I subscribe to Diesel Sweeties. And I've bought some t-shirts.

I guess I'll just go and if it's a bust I'll have learned a valuable lesson - I am a crummy fanboy.

Please read all of their comics, even if it means you have to stop working to do it. They are actually much funnier that way.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What? A FUN Wedding???!!

My friends Dan and Tori are getting married in October up in Maine - in my hometown of Rockland, no less. I am really excited to go - it's not going to be your standard cookie-cutter affair.

Why not, you ask? Because the bride and groom-to-be argued about a DJ - he wanted one, she didn't - but what finally clinched it? Dan said that they could play "Dirty Water" by the Standells as their introduction.

They really, really love the Red Sox, you see.

The bride has also attempted to convince the groom to walk down the aisle to the dulcet strains of "Crazy Train" by the Ozzman himself, but the groom (sadly) was not convinced.

Too bad! I've never seen lasers at a wedding ceremony before.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

L Space is the Place

....for all things Pratchett. These guys have done a pretty good job of compiling pretty much everything you could think of to do with Terry Pratchett, author of the most fabulous Discworld Books.

Those who think that they are silly books, full of dwarves and trolls and werewolves, are of course correct. However, Pratchett is also incredibly relevant and satirical - think somewhat along the lines of Carl Hiaasen. Anyone who likes to laugh should pick up a Discworld novel and start reading.

Well? Go on!

Those of you who already know about Death of Rats and Cohen the Barbarian might like to check out this site devoted to Pratchett's latest US release, Going Postal.

There is some incredibly beautiful artwork depicting familiar Discworld landmarks on these very collectible stamps. Check out Bernard and Isobel's site and buy some of their stuff!

Rubber? Stamp it.

Falling under the catergory of "Things it would have been nice to have known about before Christmas" is this nifty website for all your rubber stamping needs.

Now I feel guilty because I didn't make my own Christmas cards or wrapping paper, and instead sent mass produced (but sincere! sincere!) holiday wishes.

Well, at least there's plenty of time to order some fabulous retro stamps in time to forget where I put them, find them, buy ink, and then not have time to use them before next year.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

A (2nd) Womb of Your Own?

Or, in the case of a crafty guy, his one and only.

I want to start knitting organs and leaving them on various things around the house - a spleen on the toaster oven, a gallbladder next to the coffee pot.

I think I need to learn to knit something besides scarves (read: long strips) and this little item may be my inspiration. I can't wait to tell some one that I knitted them something and hand them a bright pink, fuzzy uterus.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

I would like to hug Jon Stewart...

for many reasons, not the least of which is because...

"CNN Will Cancel 'Crossfire' and Cut Ties to Commentator

Mr. Klein specifically cited the criticism that the comedian Jon Stewart leveled at "Crossfire" when he was a guest on the program during the presidential campaign. Mr. Stewart said that ranting partisan political shows on cable were "hurting America."
Mr. Klein said last night, "I agree wholeheartedly with Jon Stewart's overall premise." He said he believed that especially after the terror attacks on 9/11, viewers are interested in information, not opinion."

Hurrah for the president of CNN, Jonathan Klein, who plans to have his network to move "toward reporting the days events, not discussing them," - unless, of course, "the first batch of things we're trying to do don't turn out well."

Way to almost sound like a decent guy, Klein.