Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Out. Of. Hand.

Seriously, this yarn thing is out of control. I finished another hat, that makes 5 hats so far. I started another hat last night, while watching House. (Best show on prime-time TV, IMHO) I ended up dropping a stitch, so I had to tear the whole thing out because I couldn't figure out how to pick-up stitches around a circular needle. I guess I could have pulled out the dpns, but - it just seemed easier to start over.

Anyway, I had found a really good deal on some Noro yarn and made this pretty little rib knit hat out of it (I know I keep promising, but pictures to come) and now I don't want to knit with ANYTHING ELSE EVER. I bought 3 different kinds of their yarn - the hat is made out of Silk Garden, which is a wool, mohair, and silk blend. The colorway is amazing, the colors blend to gether so beautifully and I was shocked to realize that at the end of the project (which used the whole skein) there was not one repeat color!

I started working with a second kind last night, the Kureyon which is 100% wool. I imagine it would felt extremely well, as it was already a little sticky to work with. It's not as flexible or stretchy as some of the cheap-ass yarn I'm used to working with, so it was a little tricky - I kept thinking my tension was the problem, but no.

I just wanted to play with the 3rd kind of yarn, so I enlisted Allen to help me wind a skein of Iro into a ball. This is a chunky wool/silk blend, and though I haven't worked with it so far, I know it's going to be my favorite. It is so gorgeously soft and the COLORS have to be seen to be believed. The skein looked predominately black until we started unwinding it, and even Allen was impressed.

I really shouldn't buy any more right now, as I have a tremendous number of project to finish. I will be good. Now I understand, though, why people are willing to knit themselves $100-$200 sweaters. Because you would want to wear this stuff every day!

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