Friday, September 09, 2005

Finally Some Good News!

Looks like Brownie's been yanked back to D.C.

I know he won't ever be held publicly accountable, but it still smacks of "puppy-whacked-on-nose-with-newspaper", and I love it.

Fuck this guy. He's a total waste of space. In fact, I think we should break him down into his constituent atoms and fling them back out into the space from whence they came.


tori said...

While I agree he is useless, he is currently being used as a scapegoat for the entire failure to respond, and to pay too much attention to his failure is to let the rest of the administration get away with the atrocities that occurred in the huricanes aftermath. I continue to call for Bush's impeachment.

Angela said...

I agree. My Brownie-rant was in no way meant to excuse Bush from taking the blame for the bungling that has been the answer to the needs of thousands.