Monday, August 29, 2005

For Those of You Who Care....

The draft went really well for me, I am quite pleased with my team. I got second overall pick, and as the 1st pick was Payton Manning, I of course took LaDainian Tomlinson for my first RB position. Then it was nail-biting time until the 23rd pick - a lot of the league members were doing auot-picks so I couldn't really rely on too much stupidity to deliver me a decent QB, but I got Trent Green, and I'm pretty thrilled with that. I also have Curtis Martin, though I am torn because I HATE the Jets, Steve Smith and Drew Bennett at WR, Alge Crumpler at TE, Mike Vanderjagt at K, and Buffalo defense which I think will be a lot better than anyone realizes this year, they've made practically no change to the line-up at all so there won't be much learning curve. My flex player is David Patten, and I have Daniel Graham for back-up TE, so I can root for fantasy/Pats at the same time, which is great.

I barely even understand what I am typing right now, I am so tired. I'm at school, where I will be all freakin' weekend, for new and returning student check-in. They made us get here at 7:30 this morning, but I didn't see a single student until 8:30. Right now it's 9:50, and I've seen 2 students, and emailed Tori a bit. There was no need for us to get here so early! Wah! (I am oficially whining).

I have that so-tired-my-stomach-hurts thing going on. And I've eaten nothing but candy - guess I should try to eat that banana before it gets really busy.

My poor little blog will probably be neglected as hell over the next week, as I am forced to work a RIDICULOUS number of hours.

I should have brought some knitting. I made my first hat! It's a little short in the crown for me, but I really liked making it and I might make a couple more to send to my friend Dan, who works for the American Cancer Society so he can put them in the free hat bin. I'll have to tweak the pattern to fit my giant cranium.


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