Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Me-me-me Meme!

The Meme of Four! Oh no!

Tagged by drinker/thinker, so here I go.....

Four Jobs I've Had:

1.) Produce Clerk
2.) Coffee Shop Gal
3.) Ticket Sales Representative
4.) Financial Aid Officer

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:

1.) This is Spinal Tap
2.) State and Main
3.) Labyrinth
4.) The Blues Brothers

Four Places I've Lived:

1.) Elizabethtown, PA
2.) Brattleboro, VT
3.) Rockland, ME
4.) CRANston, RI

Four TV Shows I Love:

1.) Good Eats
2.) House
3.) Law and Order: Criminal Intent
4.) Numb3rs

Four Places I Have Vacationed:

1.) Montreal, Canada
2.) Outer Banks, NC
3.) Jellystone Park
4.) Seattle, WA

Four of My Favorite Dishes:

1.) Beer-Brined Chicken
2.) Clam/Fish Chowder
3.) Spanakopita
4.) Salmon and Avocado Maki

Four Sites I Visit Daily:

1.) Planet Dan
2.) Yarn Harlot
3.) Achewood
4.) Google

Four Place I Would Rather Be Right Now:

1.) In Bed
2.) Knitting on the couch
3.) At the movies
4.) Touring the British Isles

Four People I Am Tagging:

Yeah, right. Sure. I'll tag Tori and Dan. Twice each.


Tori said...

there is one without a title. i am confused.

Angela said...

OK, I fix.