Thursday, January 26, 2006

Buttons, Buttons, More Buttons!

Besides the fabulous Knitting Olympics button I have managed to add to my blog, here are some others I am contemplating adding.

It seems that there are many knitters who don't wish to participate without acknowledging which nation they hail from. There are still other knitters (Drunken Pirates included) that feel that declaring their nationality isn't enough - they must also declare which vice will be supporting them.

To that end, and in case anyone wants to add one to their blog (HA! As if I have KNITTERS actually reading this thing!) here are some other buttons, all via Yarn Harlot comments.

The Classic! Posted by Picasa

Go Team USA! Posted by Picasa

Essential! Posted by Picasa

Cheese, Gromit! Posted by Picasa

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