Sunday, January 22, 2006

Christmas Packages and Other Things That Are Late

Christ on a cracker, it's been a long ass time since I blogged. I have long since alienated my readership, I am sure. The holidays are a stressful time, and I made it more so by deciding to make a lot of my gifts this year. Also, there was a decided lack of eggnog that I found quite distressing.

Just to prove that I have been actually doing something with my time, I wanted to show you folks some of the things I banged out (with LOVE, dammit!) for the ChrismaHanuKwanzamass celebrations this year.

This is a hat I made for my friend Matt, just a simple roll brim hat made with a "thick and thin" yarn, Araucania Magallanes, in colorway #302.

I also knit a lovely blue with brown trim rib-knit hat for my dad in Cascade 220, which he is modeling in the next pictures:

I discovered that while I love the finished product, I hate doing a project with too much ribbing because it takes flippin' forEVAR. I had to do it extra long, too, because my dad wanted an earflap hat, but I didn't want to make one (too much finicky measuring!) so I settled on an extra long hat that he could double up over his ears, as it gets frickin' cold in Maine. In fact, the day after I gave it to him we got hit with a snow storm and got stuck there an extra day.

I also made the white scarf he's wearing in this picture, I know it doesn't go with the hat but it's what he wanted!

I made the scarf out of one skein of Cascade Magnum, and I thought it was going to be too short, but then I had the brilliant idea of actually BLOCKING the damn thing (imagine that!) and it was quite long indeed.

And here is the attempt at the Booga Bag as photographed in the Sea Dog in Topsham, ME, after a LOT of Katamari Damacy.

And as modeled by Allen and Emma, but not Tori (who the bag was for but who declined to be photographed with it).

I think it came out pretty well - I used Noro Kureyon in colorway 157. I love the gorgeous, ridiculously beautiful striping of this yarn, though it's not the softest wool, and it doesn't felt nearly as well as Cascade.

Here's Allen again, modeling a hat I made for my friend Tara (and is being mailed tomorrow because I am a terrible person) MONTHS ago, in fact, I think it was the first thing I made from a skein of Noro yarn. It's Silk Garden, the Rainbow colorway.

OK, that's all I can post right now because Blogger photos is very cantankerous this evening. I will put up some more pictures tomorrow!

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