Wednesday, February 01, 2006

One Trick Pony

That would be me. Because all I have to share right now is another knitting update!

I finished the pink hat for my co-worker's daughter this weekend. I actually started knitting it in the car right after purchasing it. Allen says at one point I was alternately knitting and dozing, and that I was definitely knitting with my eyes closed at one point.

This is actually the second hat, as the first, modified for a child's head, was too small.

I am almost done with the tiny squares that are to be made into a baby blanket. I only have one ball left to knit up!

I'm trying to keep the cat hair to a minimum in this project, so it's been stuffed into a paper bag which follows me around.

Allen says that this is actually a more accurate picture of the blanket in progress -

but that's kind of psycho so don't look at it.

That is the update for now - I really should get some work done this morning. And I should try not to play Kingdom of Loathing all day.

But I really, really wanna.

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