Wednesday, August 24, 2005

You Can't Take It All With You!

My blog hero, Dan Miller ( today contemplates what he would try to save if his house were burning down.

I hate stuff like this, because it makes me feel like I should collect all my most precious possessions and put them in a box by the nearest exit, and that's just a crazy way to live.

Also, I'm pretty sure the cats would protest.

Speaking of cats, I actually have a cat exit plan, which is to grab my car keys and as many cats as I can manage (we have 3 official cats and 1 unofficial cat) and throw them in the car so they can't run away. I told Allen about this one night as we were lying in bed - I think if he hadn't been so tired he would have told me I was a giant nut bag; as it was, I just got a "What? Ok" kind of response.

I still think it's a good plan, though.

If you woke up with your house on fire, would you run right outside, or would you try to save anything? What would you save?


Anonymous said...

Dude it's Liz. I can't be bothered to sign up for an account to be *allowed* to post on your site. YOU CAN"T CONTROL ME!


In my last apartment, I had the terrifying experience of the building fire alarm going off in the middle of the night. I stuffed the sleepy, discombobulated kitty into the carrier, grabbed the keys and cell phone, and stood outside in my pjs until the fire department came and gave me the OK to go back in. (After I told them where the fire panel was so that they could shut off the alarm.)

There were about 20 apartments in that building, and not a single other tenant left during the alarm. Sure, it turned out some jerk burned food in the middle of the night, but I just can't even fathom why you would take the chance.

Angela said...

Why, oh why, am I not surprised that you were able to show the firemen the fire panel?

I can't believe you were the only one who went outside. What a bunch of nimrods!

platkat said...

I bet if there's a real fire, the cats will run out with you and you can save some other stuff like a big knife to stab the jerk who started the fire.

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