Sunday, January 09, 2005

L Space is the Place

....for all things Pratchett. These guys have done a pretty good job of compiling pretty much everything you could think of to do with Terry Pratchett, author of the most fabulous Discworld Books.

Those who think that they are silly books, full of dwarves and trolls and werewolves, are of course correct. However, Pratchett is also incredibly relevant and satirical - think somewhat along the lines of Carl Hiaasen. Anyone who likes to laugh should pick up a Discworld novel and start reading.

Well? Go on!

Those of you who already know about Death of Rats and Cohen the Barbarian might like to check out this site devoted to Pratchett's latest US release, Going Postal.

There is some incredibly beautiful artwork depicting familiar Discworld landmarks on these very collectible stamps. Check out Bernard and Isobel's site and buy some of their stuff!

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