Friday, January 14, 2005


Meeting the guys of Dumbrella was really cool. Check out the Conspiracy at It's fun for your eyes to look at.

Jon and Philip from were almost exactly as I imagined them. We met at a cafe, so we couldn't have a beer with them, but they did show us the 750ml (pocket-sized) bottles of Jack that they had smuggled in. After all, Thursday is Pub Night, and they didn't want their livers going into shock! Jon drew a great picture of Fish (he lives in beer, don'tcha know) and Philip signed Matt's 25th Anniversery Brew mag, which was pretty great.

We also got to hang out with R. Stevens of, who is a really friendly guy who is very kind to his fans. He was nice enough to personalize my Red Robot model, which I have yet to put together but I SWEAR I will do it this weekend.

I was able to chat w/Jeph Jacques of - I of course requested more of Mieville, Dora's cat. He said that he had only drawn Mieville about 3 times, but he has gotten a huge response.

I heart cats.

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