Thursday, January 13, 2005

I'm Such a Weirdo

So, even though I have a JOB and need SLEEP to accomplish it, I am going to drive all the way to North Hampton, MA this evening! Actually my friend Matt is driving, which is good because it's about 2 hours away!

We're going to the Haymarket Street Cafe' to meet with some of my favorite webcomic artists, John Allison of Scary Go Round, R. Stevens of Diesel Sweeties, Jon Rosenberg of Goats, and Jeff Rowland, formerly of Wigu and now of Overcompensating! Please see sidebar for appropriate links.

I'm not really sure what the hell I am going to say to these guys. I have bought some of their merch, but always as gifts, so I can't even be all "look, I spend money on your stuff! I help support your art!" It's more like "hur, I'm glad yer art is on the interweb so's it's free!"

Whatever. At least I subscribe to Diesel Sweeties. And I've bought some t-shirts.

I guess I'll just go and if it's a bust I'll have learned a valuable lesson - I am a crummy fanboy.

Please read all of their comics, even if it means you have to stop working to do it. They are actually much funnier that way.

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