Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Fantasy Jeopardy

So, my friend Tori emails me because she wants me to give her my top ten fantasy Jeopardy categories. This is a great question, and I knew it totally deserved some attention, but I was really slammed at work and I just couldn't answer her right away. I told her it would take me a while.

Then, of course, I completely forgot about it until late afternoon. Now the pressure was really on - since I had taken so long to do it, I had to think of something good. Of course, I was still really busy, so this is what I came up with:

Greek Myths, Planetary Astronomy, Masters of SF, Movie Quotes, 80s Music, Culinary Terms, Potent Potables, Anagrams, Medieval Europe, Music From Car Commercials.

Pretty lame, I mean, at least 4 of those are real categories. I would really like to play them all, but there is no originality there.

In contrast, this is what Tori sent me:

LA Punk rock: 1982-1988
Ridiculous sexual orientation aside, Morrisey sucks because...
Guess the weight of these various amounts of high end candies, many of which are by Goelitz
Characteristics of dark-roast coffees
Fucking away an afternoon at home
Fundraising terms slightly more complicated than your layperson would know
The Sopranos seasons 1-3 and 5
Offensive euphimisms for menstruastion
Existential depression

Hilarious! Slightly Offensive! Totally expressive of her personality! Gah!!!

Now I feel like I should do it again! What a lame-o.

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