Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Knitting Olympics Update: Day Eleven

Actually, this is sort of an update on lack of progress, as I spent all day Saturday attempting to make wedding plans (more about that later) and Sunday I was working on another project.

This one, in fact, shown here in preproduction:

It certainly looked daunting, all laid out on the table like that.

Not that the cats were fazed much.

Here's Loki tentatively perching on the blanket bits...

...and here he is completely ignoring me.

Let's not forget the others - Nin was very curious, but wishing to not be banished to the porch with the rest of her brothers and sister, she decided to behave.

Though it was clearly very, very hard.

I plugged and chugged at the blanket all day, and by evening I had a nice item that will require WAY too much weaving for comfort.

I'm not entirely happy with the edges, in that they don't line up the way I would like. See?

I took the project to Yarns At Lace Wings last night, and spoke to the "experts". They were all very sweet and complimentary, and suggested I simply pin the blanket out and spray it, rather than give it a full on soaking, which I think is a good idea. Other options would be to put on a border, but I don't think I have the time to fix it if it came out crappy, plus, I kind of like the quilted look it has now.

I will have to post an actual Olympic Update later from home, I am past the bodice decreases on the second side, and I should be able to finish it tonight - then it's JUST the neckline, pockets, and blocking remaining!

Thank goodness I have help!


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