Friday, February 10, 2006

And We're Off!

I finally made it onto the list of Olympic Knitters! Huzzah! There are over 3900, which means that there are more Knitters than actual Olypic Athletes.

Unfortunately, I can't start knitting yet, as I am at work. And it looks like I won't be able to start at all tonight - at least not until very, very late! It's like everything that can possibly go wrong has, and then some things I hadn't even thought of, too!

Allen's sister Beth is very sick, and no one (including big, important scary doctors) seem to know what's going on. She's being admitted to the hospital today INDEFINITELY, which is very freaky.

Allen's OTHER sister, Alison, her hubby, and baby are coming to see Beth. They just lost their dog, Chobe, a Rhodesian Ridgeback. He went into kidney failure and died very suddenly.

Allen's Dad, Dr. Cowett, is on a plane right now, also to come see Beth. Dr. Cowett will be staying with Allen and I, and supposedly flying out tomorrow night, which is of course going to prove to be impossible because there is a HUGE ASS winter storm on the way. So now we have to rush home, clean the house in five nanoseconds, run to the grocery store, drive to Boston, visit with Beth, and then come home and hang out with Dr. Cowett. (!!!!!) Usually, my Friday night consists of taking a 2-3 hour nap and then watching trashy television. But not this week!


Wow, I guess I had no idea how much was going on. Allen just heard that his old roommate from after college was killed in a bicycling accident in September.

Which makes the fact that I just found out I've been walking around with a hole in the ass of my jeans a lot less of a big deal.

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