Thursday, February 10, 2005

What the Hell Am I Even Talking About?

So, I did something dumb the other day. It actually started out as a nice thing - I donated $5 to one of the authors of a webcomic that I read all the time, Dorothy at She's delightfully surreal and hip, and I love her characters, so I thought it high time I send a little appreciation her way. She has this thing on her website called the "Donation Derby" - if you send her money, she will draw you a picture of how she spent it. She then posts this picture on her website and mails you a copy.

So I send her $5, and she puts up this cute little drawing of herself buying and listening to a record. The thing is, there was a little note under the drawing that said "I hate you exchange rate". Now, for some reason, when I saw this, I decided that I must have sent American dollars to someone dealing with foreign currency - and because I am always doing two things at a time, I got her confused with another artist I like who is Canadian. So I replied, "Sorry, I forgot about the exchange rate!", thinking I had stiffed her a few cents or something. To which she replied that I shouldn't worry because she had never told me that she was using the money to buy a record from Britain, to which I replied - "Oh, I thought you meant the Canadian exchange rate!" which was probably about the same as saying, "Oh, purple monkey feet!" or something similar.

The chick lives in New York, for crying out loud. Brooklyn, even. I'm afraid to look at what her response is now. It's probably something along the lines of "Whaa---?"

This is the kind of dumbass thing that I like to do, that I think only the cast of Seinfeld could relate to - except for the not having any humorous aspects part. Crud.

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BigDubb said...

It's like a blog about nothing. What a concept for a blog. You could talk about close typers or a guy name Denis (think mulva), or people could get thier ergonomic chairs at a store called "Type Cast" or 'the lumbar yard'(i know it's old, but it's funny).