Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Baby, Baby, Baby (See, I Could Write a Pop Song)

Heidi had her baby! Several days ago, actually, and I am only getting around to talking about it now.

It was a very bizarre day. Her husband, Greg, called me and told me that they both wanted me in the labor room, they were on their way to the hospital, and they were coming to get me! (Hey, anything to get out of work!) The whole process took FOREVER, triage, getting admitted, going to the labor room, getting the epidural (urp) - except the actual birth. That took less than 20 minutes. She started feeling some pressure, the nurse asked if she wanted to push, and BOOM!


Man, that was weird. I think that's as close as I want to get to childbirth for a few more years.

Super cute kid, though - and they named her Mackenzie. If they had had a boy, they would have named it Logan, which would have been great because I could have bought him comic books.

The names people choose for their children never cease to fascinate me. In my work at the University, I hear all kinds of names - some very cool, some proof that the parents actually hoped their child got beat up daily. I found a blogger who is equally fascinated, and has a book about baby names and popularity of choice.

Check out this excerpt about Mackenzie:

Popularity: #46
Style: Androgynous, Celtic,Last Names First
Nicknames: Mac, Kenzie
Sisters: Kennedy, Riley, Reagan, Mckenna, Madison
Brothers: Logan, Brennan, Mason, Donovan, Hunter

'70s sitcom star Mackenzie Phillips was named by her rock-star dad John in honor of singer Scott McKenzie. It was an unconventional, aggressively androgynous choice at the time. But a generation later, the name is thriving in the mainstream. It's the standard-bearer for a whole crop of elaborate Celtic surnames for girls.

For some at-work-distraction, play with the name voyager - discover how un/imaginative your parents were!

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