Thursday, March 03, 2005

Dreams Continued

Thanks to alert reader Tori Ryan for giving me more to chew on in regards to my "teeth falling out" dreams.

According to, dreams about your teeth falling out can signify "anxiety about you appearance and how others perceive you", "fear of being embarrassed or making a fool of yourself in some specific situation", or even a "sense of powerlessness".

Well, I think that that makes a LOT more sense than all that Dream Diva jazz. Whereas that stuff was silly, though, this is all serious and no fun. Haha! I have hidden feelings of anxiety! Or powerlessness!

If anything, I think it's more work related than anything else. I'm always anxious to be perceived as a hard-worker who knows what she's doing, so that's probably most of it.

I guess I should go tell my boss to compliment me all the time on my fabulous work ethic so I stop worrying about my teeth. I need them to eat candy.

Of course, it could all be total horseshit, even if it sounds like it makes sense. I mean, the same website does say that "to dream of a Barbecue, refers to a minor problem that is affecting your social life". Now, it does state whether or not said barbecue is an event or a Webber grill, but I fail to see how either one could have a negative impact on one's social life. Unless you habitually screw up the potato salad. In which case you can't come to my barbecue.


Kiddo78 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog -- always cool to see new commentors! My mom always had dreams that her teeth were falling out while my jerky dad was still alive - I'll be glad to share this news w/ her...

Angela said...

Hopefully this will make her feel a bit justified!

Anonymous said...

Potato salad sucks fat goat balls. So I habitually screw it up.

Guess who?

Angela said...

Hi Tori.

Have you tried any other flavors of cream cheese yet?

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